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Are you a Trivia Mastermind, or more a curious Student of Life?

Trivia Genius 80%+


Guru 65 to 79%


A Cut Above 50 to 64%


On Par 40 to 49%


Slightly Below Average 20 to 39%


We Know You Can Do Better! 0 to 19%


What is my ADT IQ and how is it calculated?

  • Your IQ is calculated based on how many questions you get right or wrong, BUT where you sit on the ADT IQ Scale is relative to all other ADT players.
  • Our questions are designed to inform and inspire, not to be easy – where’s the fun in that? 🙂

How can I improve my position on the scale?

  • You can improve your ADT IQ gradually by answering more questions correctly. Positions on the ADT IQ  Scale can, of course, fluctuate up and down over time.
  • Review your This Month and Last Month percentage scores to get a sense of recent performance and how you are trending.
  • Are you on a hot streak or having a string of near misses? If the latter, fear not, there’s always a fresh Today’s Question waiting for you in the morning.

Mind Score %

Your ADT MindScore % tells you how smart you’re playing relative to all other ADT players.


Your ADT IQ is a simple calculation based on how many trivia questions you get right or wrong.

Trivia History

Your personal time capsule of wisdom: look back on every question conquered, and every new fact learned.

ADT has surpassed 100% carbon neutrality

And we’re en route to being 100% carbon free! That’s why our site is delivered to you by Google’s network of global data centres – built on a core principle of 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030. Actions matter, and a healthy environment for our children’s children is as important to us as the mindful, snackable trivia tidbits we deliver to our visitors every day. Click the leaf to learn more.

ADT has surpassed 100% carbon neutrality

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Embark on our 60-question challenge, a kaleidoscope of thought-provoking multiple-choice questions that'll tantalize your mind and broaden your horizons.

In academia, the number 60 holds a rich history. Derived from the ancient Babylonian sexagesimal system, revered by the Greeks, and widely used in measuring time and angles, it symbolizes completeness and wisdom. From 60 seconds in a minute to 60 minutes in an hour, this magical number transcends epochs. Dive into ADT’s mental arena where curiosity meets intellect.

Not only can you benchmark yourself against fellow intellects with our Mind Score %, but you’ll also unravel your individual ADT IQ. Track your progress, delve into the depths of your knowledge, and unveil your mastery across diverse domains. Why wait? Embrace the challenge. Dare to surpass boundaries. Elevate your Mind Score %. Unleash your ADT IQ. Start the 60-question odyssey now.

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