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ADT Login

For the best possible experience – including one click sign-in – we recommend signing up using your Facebook or Google identities. You can also quickly create an account; both work.

Do I need to register to play?

In short, yes! There are two easy ways to Login or Register with All Day Trivia.

We generally recommend to new and existing users to use their Facebook or Google identity. This is so we know it’s you, and not a bot, but this step is mainly to save you having to remember a password and to grant you seamless, one-click access to your private, personalized All Day Trivia dashboard, which includes your ADT History and IQ (which is calculated relative to other users, not on how many questions you get right).

NB If you choose Facebook or Google, know that the connections are encrypted by default from these two providers. We only read your public profile information and we will never post anything to your Facebook page or pose as you on Gmail or YouTube. Ever. That’s not how we work.