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Are you a Trivia Mastermind, or more a curious Student of Life?

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"GQ" (Grand Quizmaster)

Your Mind Score % is based on the past 30 days worth of plays only. It’s your percent rank vs. all other players who’ve answered 5+ questions.

What is my Mind Score, and how is it calculated?

  • Your Mind Score tells you how smart you are relative to all other ADT players over the past 30 days!
  • It’s your percentile performance rank that compares you to other active players across a similar set of questions only.
  • For example, if your score is 40%, it means you’ve been performing stronger (read: smarter!) than 40% of ADT players. If it’s 90%, you’re top of the class 🙂
  • Your score is algorithmically calculated and updated after every attempted question.

Wait, my score is zero? Help me!

  • If your score is zero, it likely means you haven’t answered enough questions over the past 30 day window, OR that you’re on a cold streak. Keep playing!

ADT has surpassed 100% carbon neutrality

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ADT has surpassed 100% carbon neutrality

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